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Corporate Perks is an employee savings portal for small and medium-sized business (SMB's) to aggregate their purchasing power to qualify for corporate rates and discounts. Today, SMB's with over 65 million collective employees are provided access to the savings portal.

Who Uses Corporate Perks

70% of the Fortune 1000, including...

For Employees

How Programs Work

Employee Pricing on Your Favorite Brands

Employee Pricing on Your Favorite Brands

We aggregate the purchasing power of small and medium-sized businesses to qualify for corporate rates and discounts at over 30,000 national and local merchants.

Everything From Everyday Purchases to Big-Ticket Items

From Everyday Purchases to Big-Ticket Items

Enjoy corporate rates on everything from your everyday purchases (groceries, diapers, pet food) to big-ticket items (cell phones, computers, cars, & travel).

Earn WOWPoints on Your Purchases

Earn WOWPoints on Your Purchases

On top of discounts, Corporate Perks helps you save by adding value to all your online purchases with WOWPoints, as a reward for having a job.

For Employers

Why Companies choose Corporate Perks

We work with...


of the Fortune 100


of the Fortune 1000

In today's tough economy, employee savings can have an unbelievable impact on the employee's wallet, without opening the employer's wallet. Corporate Perks, administered by Next Jump, Inc., can help you save time and money and complete your company's compensation and benefits package.

To build a customized program for your employees, click below to get started.

Why do companies partner with Next Jump?

Why do companies partner with Next Jump?

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Better Selection

26 shopping categories and over 30,000 national and local merchants

Better Price

Incredible discounts plus WOWPoints means employees save more money.

Better Technology

We are an industry leader in employee discount programs. This translates into great products now and in the future.

Access to exclusive employee purchase programs - you get the same pricing as their employees

Eating Out

Dining certificates at 50-90% off for over 18,000 local restaurants

Cell Phones

Significant discounts at all four of the major phone carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T)


Amazing pricing for air and hotel (plus WOWPoints)


Access to top offers and the newest/latest models

About Us

Next Jump, Inc.

Corporate Perks is administered by Next Jump, Inc. To learn more about us, please visit

Our Advantage

Next Jump uses its unique data assets to provide shoppers with great pricing and a huge selection, merchants with high conversion rates of browsers to buyers, and employee networks with the opportunity to help their employees save money, highlighting the greatest deals on the latest products. We connect over 30,000 merchant partners, 90,000 corporate customers, and 100 million users through our online ecommerce platforms. Despite the breadth of our network, we keep the Next Jump experience personal, tailoring our technology to fit your needs.

Our Approach

Our belief is simple: happy employees make happy clients. We work from the ground up to encourage personal, financial, and professional development for all our employees. Next Jump offers fitness and nutrition benefits for optimal performance, training courses and mentorship programs for leadership growth, and a variety of financial incentives - all to keep our employees healthy, dynamic, and productive. We strive to continuously make ourselves better, and work with those who are looking to improve themselves as well. Starting with a better me, we can work with a better you to create a better us.